What is Business Enhanced Support Technology (B.E.S.T.)?
is a revolutionary new technology platform and service partnership offered by your friendly New Orleans Computer Troubleshooters. The idea for BEST began when a customer asked us “I have to pay you every time my network goes down – how do I know you’re really trying to solve my problems?” It’s a good question – most computer service firms make money when you have problems, so do they really have an incentive to keep problems from happening? What would happen if we really tried to stop all computer problems once and for all?

That’s the idea behind BEST, and our industry-leading No-Downtime-Guarantee ™. Using the combined expertise of over 450 Computer Troubleshooters around the world, plus some advanced technology from our managed services partners, we’ve created a system to maximize your “uptime”, remotely monitor your systems and network to take proactive action when needed, and enhance your business with new technologies like Voice-over-IP and Document Management.

We are so confident in our systems we’ll even pay YOU $100 for every hour of downtime!* After all, isn’t it nice when your technology staff has a financial incentive to keep your systems running (Instead of the other way around)?

*No-Downtime-Guarantee only applicable on BEST Trouble-Free plan, other BEST plans are also available, contact us for details at (504) 208-9798 or (985) 718-0964 or (877) 623-6996.
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